Summer Day Camp Program Descriptions

Skill Level: For first time sailors and those who have sailed before but need a review.

Description: An in-depth introduction to all things sailing. Focuses on boat nomenclature, basic boat rigging and furling, basic steering, general safety knowledge including capsizing and self-rescue. The class further focuses on sailing skills, such as, tacking, jibing, getting out-of-irons, points of sail, sailing upwind, downwind, weather and wind awareness and advanced safety such as right-of-way. An introduction of knots and variety of uses will be included.

Instructors will use games to incorporate team work and challenges to build confidence and excitement about the sport of sailing. By the end of the week, first time sailors will have developed basic sailing skills and knowledge. Usually, first time sailors along with returning sailors have learned how to sail a fixed course, sail solo, and exhibit advanced boat handling skills.

Skill Level: For sailors that have confidence to sail under control in moderate wind (10-15 knots) and choppy seas. Students must be able to sail upwind.

Description: Qualifying students will take a closer look at the dynamics of sailing. Focuses on sail trim-appropriate sheeting for beating, reaching, running; boat handling, such as balancing weight, racing tactics, sailing and racing rules, docking, mooring, knots, and weather sailing, such as steering/handling in advanced settings. Further instruction on safety such as man overboard recovery drills.

Instructors will challenge the students with a variety of fixed courses. The skills developed in this class will enable the sailors to sail a variety of boats, including Optis, Lasers, 420s, FJs and Keel Boats. Acquired knowledge of sail control and sail theory will allow them to pursue the sport with confidence and excitement, even participating in races if desired.

Regatta Week
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
All graduates are welcome to participate in the regattas

Description: Designed for students who have taken the Beginner/Intermediate class in previous summers or demonstrated an ability to handle the boat independently. The class emphasizes developing boat handling skills and confidence under a variety of wind conditions and in a competitive setting. Through out the week students learn racing skills and concepts including starts, finding a lay line, race tactics and strategy, “rules of the road”, sail trim and more… Finally, at the end of the week is an optional regatta where young racers will have a chance to compete with visiting sailors from the surrounding area.