It’s the boat that taught America to sail.



The Sunfish sailboat is often credited as the boat that taught America to sail. Sold since the early 1950s, the Sunfish is a personal size (13’ 9”) sailing dinghy, carrying a lateen sail mounted to an un-stayed mast.

Having a lateen sail with its simple two line rigging makes a Sunfish simple to learn sailing on and to set up. Upgrades can be added to enhance sail control for competitive sailing, making the boat attractive to both novice and experienced sailors alike.

Due to the broad appeal of the Sunfish, in 1995 it was commended by The American Sailboat Hall of Fame for being “the most popular fiberglass boat ever designed, with a quarter million sold worldwide” (at that point in time).

Sunfish Rates:

1st 2 Hours Add Hrs 1/2 Day Day Full Day
$30 $10 $50 $70 $100/day

Call Bow To Stern at 252-474-6000.